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Research and Innovation

Urban Form Laboratory

Urban form describes an important part of the built environment and is therefore a central factor in climate change adaptation. In this context, a pilot application is proposed for the participatory investigation of a vocabulary of the urban form of Athens, as an analytical tool for reading, understanding and dialogue about the city, with reference to both the public and experts (competent, involved bodies).


Using the typologies of urban form (building, network, activities) that have already been mapped for the municipality of Athens, it will be investigated with the involvement of the public and experts:

• to what extent such urban types are instinctively understandable/symbolic for people active in the city (public) but also useful/functional for experts (competent, involved bodies),

• whether such urban types can potentially lead to participatory design proposals for climate change adaptation.

Urban Trees - Chalandri

The pilot application"Mock Urban Tree Lines and Participatory Planning"aims to initiate an organized debate, through a multidisciplinary approach, on the multifactorial issue of trees on sidewalks, with the participation of experts, authorities and active citizens.

With the help of the participatory LAB we try to answer questions such as:

- Do we really want trees on the sidewalks?

- What specifications should a sidewalk have to accommodate trees? (eg width, paving material, planting depth).

- What specifications should a tree have to be suitable for planting on a sidewalk? (eg trunk diameter, maximum height, crown shape, deciduous-evergreen, etc.).

- Are changes needed at the institutional level? (e.g. legislation, urban planning, etc.).

Examining the area near Sarantaporou, Sofoklis Venizelou and Nicosia streets in Chalandri, Natassa Nikolaou (PEEGEP- Agriculturalist of the Municipality of Chalandri) with the support of the participatory LAB organize aparticipatory workshop / focus group.

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