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The Participatory Lab cordially invites all interested individuals or groups to actively participate in the esteemed Forum "Research Dialogues" organized during the 2nd Conference on Participatory Design: Transforming the City, October 20-22, 2023 at Plyfa site in Athens. The primary objective of the Forum is to delve into emerging research approaches concerning issues pertinent to the city and participatory design. It aims to foster the exchange of knowledge regarding research methods, tools, and artistic projects based on scientific research. Additionally, the event seeks to establish a robust network among researchers and members of the Participatory Lab, encompassing related scientific fields and shared interests. With a focused emphasis on the city, the Forum will center its discussions on daily life, urban planning, city governance, and, most significantly, the growing demand for society's active participation in urban development. As a result, the following main themes have emerged as focal points for exploration:
1. Public Space

Indicative fields: Architecture and Urban Design, Regeneration, Urban Mobility-Walkability, Urban Commons

2. Environment and Climate Crisis

Indicative fields: Impacts of climate change, Urban Green, Biodiversity, Green and Blue Infrastructure, Landscape

3. Socio-spatial Inequalities and Spatial Justice

Indicative fields: Social and environmental inequalities and exclusions, Housing crisis, Energy poverty, Gender inequalities, Social movements

4. Urban Development and Governance 

Indicative fields: Institutional Framework, Austerity and unequal distribution of resources, Local Governance, European Policies, Sustainable Development Strategies

We extend this invitation to the following groups: 

- Researchers in the early stages of their careers whose work aligns with the conference's themes.
- Artists whose creative endeavors are closely tied to research outcomes and the conference's themes.
- Individuals or groups engaged, either experimentally or professionally, with the conference topics.

During the Forum, each participant will be allocated a maximum of 10 minutes to orally present their work. Presentations can be enhanced through the utilization of the following mediums:

1. Posters: A concise means of presenting research findings. Participants may choose to utilize the preconfigured template or exercise artistic freedom by rendering their research/creative work (e.g., moodboard) within the provided blank template, as outlined in the author guidelines. 

2. Audio-visual materials (e.g., videos)

For detailed instructions and guidelines, please refer to the author guidelines available HERE

To secure your participation, kindly register through the designated platform.

Registration will remain open until September 20, 2023

For further inquiries regarding this invitation or any challenges encountered in configuring posters or audio-visual materials, please feel free to contact us via email at:
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