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commonspace is a collaborative – interdisciplinary planning and design group that works since 2012. In 2015 was established as a Social Cooperative Enterprise under the name “CPD Creating Spaces” and in 2017 as a Worker Cooperative under its current name. The wide range of commonspace’s members and associates create a network of experts and scientists involved in Urban and Spatial planning and Environmental Management, combining research work and study projects.
So far, the network has collaborated with Universities, Educational Institutions, Public Benefit Institutions, Municipalities, Regional Governments, NGOs and various Enterprises. We have designed and fulfilled projects, studies and programs funded by various public and private institutions. Furthermore, we have developed scientific work and voluntary action on issues related to urban conflicts and social movements, (critical) sustainable development and environmental protection.
commonspace has created a specifically structured methodology and a set of tools regarding Participatory Planning of Public Space. Our main goal is to promote and empower Participatory Planning as a design paradigm that emphasizes involving the entire community in the strategic and management processes of public space planning.

P.E.E.G.E.P (Greek National Union Of Landscape Industry) stands for Greek  Union of Professional Geotechnicians and Corporations of Green. It is about the Greek Union of professionals who do business in the Greek industry of green. P.E.E.G.E.P is a Union that defends and enshrines the rights of its members, educates and certifies its members, studies issues of conservation and protection of the environment, promotes modern technologies in the professional field, cooperates with agencies that promote scientific knowledge and intervenes in a series of issues relating to green and the environment.

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