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We invite you to participate in the Athens Living Lab community for the Erasmus+ project entitled Democratic Landscape Transformation: Towards an Open Landscape Academy (OLA)

The main project’s objective is to combine the knowledge, practice and participation of local communities and University Institutions around the concept of landscape. The landscape is perceived as an everyday commons, as a field of reclaim on climate change issues and as a field of democratic processes.

In the framework of the project, Living Labs of different stakeholders in the form of Living Labs are developed in areas of the partner countries, which explore and elaborate the concept of landscape as a democratic commons. 

In the Athens Living Lab, we focus on the area around the Agricultural University, which consists of multiple and interesting landscapes in terms of their social, architectural, cultural and historical background, such as Elaionas, Iera Odos and Lyssiatrio.

If you are a resident of the area, undergraduate, postgraduate, or a PhD student, or you

have a professional, research, academic or personal interest in the area or in the fields of planning, architecture and landscape management, architecture, urban planning, agriculture, urban planning, environment and climate change, we invite you to participate in the following workshops and actions of the Living Lab.

Every 1st Thursday of the month we are waiting for you at our premises (Asklipiou 91, Athens), 15:00-17:00 to work and study together on design and landscape issues.

For more information send us here:

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